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Gaskins + LeCraw’s integrated design practice is built on the philosophy that land is a precious, finite resource and therefore its inherent value must be maximized to the fullest potential for the good of the owner, community, and the environment.

Balancing the often competing interests and needs of each requires broad experience and deep expertise. For each assignment, Gaskins + LeCraw leadership assembles a team capable of creating unique, yet practical, solutions that address issues and opportunities likely to be encountered during the entire planning, design and construction process.

Our planning approach is built upon developing a thorough understanding of the physical, political and cultural systems and context for each assignment. We do this through structured outreach, critical analysis, iterative communication, and design thinking. To quickly explore ideas, our staff utilize leading edge design software to distill and prioritize often competing information in real time. Technical knowledge, combined with our broad experience managing teams, creates efficiency at each phase of a project and results in more affordable solutions.

Straightforward and direct, our process is organized around six phases: Discover, Analyze, Create, Refine, Document, and Execute. Each phase builds upon the previous with success enabled by robust client and stakeholder engagement, as needed, to ensure critical buy-in and timely approvals.

our process
DR Horton has had a lot of experience over the years dealing with many large firms, and prefer the expertise and relationship of Gaskins + LeCraw in every way. They are constantly looking out for our best interests, are thorough and extremely responsive, and have excellent jurisdictional relationships. Gaskins + LeCraw is truly like another member of our team – they are a full service firm, and we utilize every service they offer.

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