Landscape Architecture

Landscape Design Services:

  • Existing Tree Inventory and Analysis
  • Tree Protection and Preservation
  • Code Compliant Landscape Plans
  • Land Development Planning
  • Site Planning & Design
  • Landscape Renderings
  • Presentation Graphics
  • Master Planning
  • Construction Phase Services

In an increased effort to make total project management a breeze for clients, LeCraw Engineering also offers landscape architecture and land surveying under one roof, providing clients with a single point of contact for site design and streamlining all design, coordination, and management aspects of the project.

Our landscape architect has extensive civil design experience that allows for a complete understanding of the entire project from an overall design standpoint – designing from the preliminary stage to minimize the impact on existing landscape and maximizing the area for future landscape. Errors due to miscommunication are minimized, thanks to engineers and architects who frequently collaborate and are familiar with each other’s work.

Most jurisdictions now require that a licensed landscape architect prepare a landscape plan in accordance with local ordinances prior to land development. Bringing a landscape architect on board in the early stages can not only help the developer fully understand opportunities and constraints of the property, but also save money using existing vegetation, and offer solutions to best address potential issues.

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